Modern life with art is as it should be; the inclusion of art into one’s own interior architecture, adding personal solutions to large scale visions created, then adding one’s own piece of luxury as continuous inspiration.

Coming from the modern interior design and architectural field, my art is created to add and support architectural power, overlapping worlds of design and visual art. Using modern European and Asian/Zen influences, intertwined with natural themes, works develop with a surrounding in my mind. Textural nuances, derived from many layers of paint, evoke a sense of detail in the obscured randomness of fading in and out of undulating hues. Brushes are rarely employed; instead anything else that comes to hand is used for dragging, rubbing and spreading paint. Gold, copper or silver leaf peak out from underneath the layers adding reflective qualities in a certain light or time of day.

Captured moments in time of occurrences in the natural world, movement in dance or other graceful, yet precision-oriented human-driven activity, are abstracted and disconnected to create sense of perfect flow of movement in time.

As a unifying element of cultures, my art should serve as a never-ending inspiration of moods, memories, emotions and experiences, well integrated into the interior space as a refuge for the soul from the ever so increasing tempo of modern 21st century life.

Immerse and surround yourself in the perfect movement of nature in time and flow...